Smoot Honey Company

Smoot Honey Company began in October 1964 when Boyd and Don Smoot (father and son) purchased the business from Irving Ohmstede. Boyd and Don came from California and were joined by son/brother, Dennis in 1966. In 1981 Boyd retired and returned to California and Dennis passed away in 1984. Don ran the operation for many years with two full time employees.

In 1996 Don decided to look at retirement and Dan Smoot (son), Mark Jensen (son-in-law) and James Rehm (nephew) came to work full time and in 2007 they agreed to purchase Smoot Honey Company from Don.

The Company has grown over the years. The number of hives has increased from 2800 in the 60’s to 5500 in 2011. The Company produces around 600,000 pounds of honey per year on average. The business has become quite mechanized, too. Trucks and forklifts for moving bees and pulling honey and state-of-the-art extracting equipment speed things a long and lighten the load.