Our Honey

Montana's Best Honey is the natural product of honeybees. As producers and packers of this honey, we guarantee it to be as the bees made it – nothing added, nothing removed.

This honey comes to you pure as nature made it, retaining all the delicate vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that make pure honey a great natural health food as well as the best source of natural quick energy known.

Smoot Honey Company is a family owned and operated business located in North Central Montana. Our production area covers about 5000 square miles over which are spread about 5500 colonies of bees. The bees used are of two races: Carniolan (black blood) and Italian (yellow blood). Our hives are developed from queen bees purchased in Northern California from queen breeders who specialize in producing high quality, honey producing, breeding stock.

Bee Colonies nurtured by us are fed honey, sugar, and pollen during times when there is nothing coming from the plants. This keeps the bees healthy and happy until the honey flow starts and they become self-sufficient at gathering their own supplies.

MONTANA'S BEST honey is produced on selected sites called apiaries. These sites are located in areas inhabited by uncultivated legume plants such as sweet clover or domesticated plants like alfalfa.

HIGH quality honey is marked by a light color and low moisture content. North Central Montana is noted for its fine quality honey.

HONEY can be eaten in the granulated state as a honey spread. Pure honey will return to the natural granulated (solid) state. To liquefy, place the container of granulated honey in warm water (approximately 140°F) until liquid. A creamed honey spread can be made by letting the granulated honey warm to room temperature. Then using a mixer, whip to a smooth consistency. To make Honey Butter Spread, add 1 part butter or margarine to 5 parts granulated honey. Mix as above.

WE hope you will appreciate our superior quality table honey. Please enjoy MONTANA'S BEST HONEY.