Smoot Honey Company, located in Power, MT, is the home of Montana's Best Honey. Our honey is produced just east of the Rocky Mountain Front in North Central Montana. Our primary floral sources are yellow sweet clover and alfalfa. The honey produced from these plants is water white, which is the finest grade of honey. Smoot Honey is an all-natural product of Montana, USA. Every drop of honey we pack, we produce ourselves. We pack our honey using minimal heat and filter it to remove only bits of wax and the occasional bee part, leaving pure, raw, natural Montana honey.

Smoot Honey Fire

The Smoot Honey Company crew would like to thank everyone for the support and encouragement during the past two years as we rebuilt from a devastating fire. While the fire delivered a big bowl of lemons, we decided to make lemonade and now have a fine, up-to-date facility where we will continue to bring you Montana’s Best Honey. The bees may be gone for the winter, but we won’t be hibernating. Click the Shop Now button above to order your honey for the holidays. We have Honey Gift Packs, individual containers and cases of honey available to ship to those you know that need a little sweetening for the Holidays. Please note that Friday December 18 will be the last day we will ship honey for the holidays as we will close up shop and enjoy Christmas with our families. Thanks again for your support the last couple years, and especially for the last 52 years. Happy Holidays and don’t forget: For goodness sake, eat your honey!

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